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Arm Lift

Arm lifting (brachioplasty) involves removing excess skin and fat from the inner upper arm. Many patients are frustrated by the loose upper arm tissue that develops with age and weight gain. Often weight loss and exercise is insufficient to completely resolve this excess tissue. Many patients are very self-conscious about wearing short-sleeved shirts or tank tops as a result of their heavy and loose upper arms. Liposuction of the arms can reduce the bulk of the arms, but often there may still be loose or flappy skin that remains.

Arm lifting effectively removes this loose skin and excess fat and allows Dr. Max Lehfeldt to restore a more youthful and refined upper arm contour for you! Arm lifting may result in a scar that extends down to the elbow. This scar often fades to a fine white line with time and Dr. Lehfeldt accurately positions the scar in the most hidden inner arm location that he can. There is very little recovery or pain associated with arm lifting. No drains or tight dressings/wraps are needed. Arm lifting is often combined with thigh lifting or other simultaneous cosmetic procedures. Arm lifting is an outpatient procedure with less than a week of recovery.

Arm Lift Incisions

Dr. Lehfeldt will discuss the unique advantages of this procedure with you during your consultation. Other alternatives that may be appropriate to treat excess fat and skin of the upper arms will be reviewed as well and can include CoolSculpting® or Smartlipo, in-office, laser liposuction. Please call 888.96.DR.MAX (888.963.7629) or email to schedule your cosmetic consultation with Dr. Lehfeldt.