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Chin Implants/Facial Implants

Many patients are interested in improving their facial profile. A very common request is to enhance the projection of a “weak” chin. Chin implantation surgery is commonly performed and can result in a very noticeable improvement. Most chin implant surgery requires a small incision either within the mouth or a small incision under the chin. A smooth silicone chin implant can then be inserted into a small pocket created along the lower chin area. Chin enhancement surgery can be performed using the patient’s own bone (sliding osseous genioplasty), but this procedure is more invasive and is associated with a higher rate of complications.

Using VECTRA® XT 3D imaging, Dr. Max Lehfeldt, our Pasadena plastic surgeon, can simulate the results of chin implantation surgery during your consultation! This amazing technology will provide a full, 3D image of your face that will be accurately modified to simulate the postoperative results! The Vectra XT is a powerful tool that Dr. Lehfeldt uses to get the absolute best results. The Vectra XT allows Dr. Lehfeldt to educate his patients about their options and choices. It facilitates a direct line of communication between physician and patient like no other!

Facial implant surgery can improve the appearance of hollow cheeks, weak chins, and narrow jaw lines. Facial implants can be placed using minimal access incision – sometimes even through the mouth where no scar is ever seen! Bruising and swelling can persist for several weeks following facial implant surgery.

Fat grafting to the face can often be used as a substitution to silicone facial implants if a patient prefers to not use an artificial device.

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