A great facelift is characterized by restoration of natural contours where skin is repositioned delicately and precisely. The key to a great facelift is in understanding the delicate surgical adjustments that will help restore lost youth. Facelifts should never result in a “pulled” or “wind-swept” appearance. The skin is designed to cover the aesthetic contours of the face — it should never be pulled tightly. Many surgeons erroneously over tighten the skin and the result is often a distorted “surgical” appearance. Our plastic surgeon in Pasadena, Dr. Max Lehfeldt, always stresses the importance of a “natural” result that will be pleasing and lasting for years that does not depend on the skin being pulled tightly.

Facelift Options

There are short-incision/mini-lift and more traditional incision facelifts. Dr. Lehfeldt is well versed in the latest facial rejuvenation techniques. Short-incision/mini-lifts are usually for patients that have minimal excess skin laxity, minimal jowling, and no loose skin in the neck. A short-incision/mini-lift places the incision along the front of the ear crease only. Fullness in the neck region can often be smoothed down with simultaneous liposuction at the time of mini-lift for an enhanced overall result. These short-incision techniques often result in subtle and pleasing improvements.

Patients who have more significant cheek skin laxity, heavier jowling, and excess skin and/or bands in the neck may require a more traditional incision facelift. This approach places an incision in front and behind the ear. This additional incision allows Dr. Lehfeldt to lift and reshape the deeper tissues and restore a more youthful contour. A small incision under the chin may also be required to improve the neck contour. The additional incision under the chin also helps Dr. Lehfeldt to remove neck “bands” and restore a more defined and refined neck.

Facelift Recovery

Facelifts may require two to three weeks of recovery with associated bruising and swelling. Feel free to express your concerns during your consultation. Dr. Lehfeldt’s focus is to help you achieve the aesthetic goal you desire. You can depend on his attention to detail, meticulous surgical technique, and honed aesthetic eye to help you realize a younger you!

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