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Tattoo Removal with PicoSure™

PicoSure is the absolute cutting edge technology for the removal of tattoos and pigmented skin spots.
Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Max Lehfeldt, is at the forefront for advanced treatment technologies not only in surgery but also in noninvasive treatments. PicoSure epitomizes our unyielding commitment to the latest and greatest treatment options for our patients. PicoSure uses ultra-short picosecond pulses of energy. The unique PressureWave created by the PicoSure pulses shatters tattoo ink and brown spots (even melasma!) with significantly fewer treatments, greater clearance, faster recovery, and with lower risk of burns. PicoSure works regardless of tattoo color — even difficult pigments such as blues and greens along with previously treated tattoos can be effectively removed in mere seconds with half the number of treatments. PicoSure has set the new standard for tattoo and pigmented lesion removal. PicoSure technology is extremely rare and advanced – very few lasers exist in the US let alone the Los Angeles area and we have ONE!

There are a lot of tattoo removal lasers but none compares to the efficacy, efficiency, and safety of PicoSure. PicoSure is the absolute best laser for tattoo removal and skin spot removal.