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Breast Reduction

Many patients suffer serious health problems related to breasts that are too large – macromastia. Your health insurance may cover the costs associated with breast reduction.

Pendulous breasts can significantly exacerbate upper back, neck, and shoulder pain. Heavy full breasts can lead to deep bra strap grooves and recurrent rashes. Overly large breasts can also limit your ability to feel comfortable in clothing and they can significantly impede your ability to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Patients who have suffered with these kinds of symptoms are ideal candidates for breast reduction.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Max Lehfeldt, MD
has performed hundreds of breast reduction procedures and uses the latest surgical techniques to achieve youthful, smaller, and perkier breasts that alleviate the multitude of macromastia symptoms. Breast reduction patients are some of the happiest patients we see in our practice! Breast reduction can truly be a life-changing operation for the better!

Patients notice an immediate alleviation of back, shoulder, and neck pain following reduction surgery. Often times special bras, chiropractic visits, pain medications, and even acupuncture are no longer needed following removal of heavy dense breast tissue. Breast reduction is appropriate for older patients, younger patients, and all ages in between. Through his extensive experience with complex breast surgery, Dr. Lehfeldt has mastered various breast reduction techniques to achieve superior aesthetic outcomes along with effective alleviation of macromastia symptoms/pain.

Breast Reduction Procedure

There are two main breast reduction techniques:

  1. Vertical breast reduction
  2. Anchor or “Inverted-T” reduction

The type of reduction technique is determined after extensive discussion with Dr. Lehfeldt. Patients who have less excess skin can often enjoy the benefits of shorter scars/incisions of a vertical reduction. However, most patients have too much skin for a vertical reduction and, therefore, they require an anchor or “inverted-T” reduction. Both of these procedures remove excess breast skin and breast tissue/fat to achieve an improved breast shape and size.

Dr. Lehfeldt’s keenly honed aesthetic eye has helped numerous patients achieve a beautiful and more petite breast shape. During the reduction surgery, the nipple remains attached to a “pedicle” of breast tissue that is preserved and repositioned higher on the breast mound. The heaviest and least-desirable breast tissue along the bottom of the breast is removed along with excess skin. Don’t be fooled into thinking that all breast reduction procedures (and surgeons) are equal! Dr. Lehfeldt uses a “superior-medial” pedicle to support the nipple during reduction surgery. This specialized technique allows Dr. Lehfeldt to preserve more upper pole breast volume and projection but still allows him to remove significant dense and heavy lower beast tissue. The “superior-medial” technique provides the best of both worlds – enhanced and youthful upper breast volume and projection while still allowing for significant breast size reduction. This is in contrast to an “inferior” pedicle technique that often leaves the breast flat and under-projecting after reduction surgery.

All breast tissue removed is sent for pathological analysis for your safety and peace of mind. Liposuction of the lateral aspects of the breasts is sometimes needed to sculpt the breasts and achieve the best results. Breast reductions are outpatient procedures (meaning that you go home the same day as the surgery). You will be able to shower the day after surgery. Dr. Lehfeldt does NOT use drains with breast reduction surgery for your ease and comfort. The recovery process is usually 1-2 weeks.

Dr. Lehfeldt’s reductions are aesthetic and beautiful – not flat and under-projecting. He prides himself on restoring a great size and shape for his patients while listening to their concerns and aesthetic goals. Our breast reductions are second to none! Like everything in plastic surgery, breast reduction is truly about sculpting and artistic restoration.

If you would like to see if you are a candidate for breast reduction or to see if your insurance will cover this procedure, please call 888.96.DR.MAX (888.963.7629) or email. This is typically an insurance procedure, so your insurance will be billed accordingly for this confidential consultation with Dr. Lehfeldt.