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Brow Lift

Brow lifting can improve not only the position of the eyebrows but also can open up the eyes and reduce lateral brow hooding.

Brow Lift Options

There are several techniques for brow lifting that our plastic surgeon has perfected over years of private practice:

Minimally invasive brow lifting can be performed using a small camera and several small incisions placed in the hair – endoscopic brow lift. This approach allows for not only lifting of the brow but also can allow Dr. Max Lehfeldt to remove the muscles between your eyes that exacerbate frowning (transpalpebral corrugator resection). This procedure may reduce the need to use BOTOX® injections as the muscles that cause the vertical frown lines (the “elevens”) between the eyes soften. The main advantage of endoscopic brow lifting is that the scars are hidden in the hair, the results are subtle, and there is minimal recovery – less than a week. Endoscopic brow lifting may require the use of a specialized fixation device – endotine – to help hold the brow in the new rejuvenated position. The endotine will slowly dissolve over three to four months allowing the brow to heal in the elevated position.

There are other brow lifting options as well. A lateral brow lift or “pexy” can be done through an upper eyelid/blepharoplasty incision. This technique allows Dr. Lehfeldt to improve the lateral brow position while simultaneously improving the upper eyelid appearance – essentially two aesthetic improvements through one incision! The brow can also be improved via an access incision in the hairline with removal of a small strip of excess skin. This type of brow lifting surgery can be very effective for patients that have longer foreheads that would benefit from removal of some excess skin.

The other type of brow lifting is a traditional coronal brow lift. This approach is the most invasive type of brow lifting as it involves an incision extending from ear to ear along the top of the head. Depending on the location of the hairline and the length of the forehead, the coronal brow lift incision may be placed either within the hair or right along the edge of the hairline. Unlike other less-invasive or minimally invasive techniques, coronal brow lift allows for maximum excess skin removal and the most dramatic improvement in the brow position. Coronal brow lifting also allows for dramatic smoothing of deep forehead creases through the removal of the forehead muscle (frontalis muscle). The coronal brow lift scar is hidden in the hair – but it is the longest scar associated with this kind of procedure. The recovery from a coronal brow lift may be a couple of weeks due to bruising and swelling. There may also be a reduction in the sensation of the posterior scalp following coronal brow lifting that may be permanent.

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