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Dear Dr. Lehfeldt,

I am grateful to you not only for your expertise and skills as a surgeon but also your kindness. I appreciated your patience with all my questions pre-surgery. I felt at ease being able to call or email post surgery with any questions. I needed reassurance that everything I was feeling was normal. You quickly quelled any anxiety I might have felt and I appreciated the prompt call or email back that first month of recovery. I am thrilled with the results. I have my body back – back to what it looked like pre-babies. I can now swim, cycle, and live my active lifestyle without issues and wear whatever I want without that distended pregnant looking tummy. What a wonderful feeling! I’m turning 40 next week and just bought a new dress for a special date with my husband. I’m excited to be able to buy/wear form fitting clothes again.

Thank you, Thank you!

Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday and new year.



Dear Dr. Lehfeldt,

There is no one more important to me than my Mom. She is endlessly caring and fiercely protective of everyone in her life, and when she was diagnosed with cancer last year, we felt a collective loss of security that was overwhelming. I felt a responsibility to put her in the most capable, caring hands that I could find. What a gift Dr. Shen gave us by bringing us to you. You are such a talented and dedicated surgeon, but as tremendous as that is, it is trumped by the caring you invest in your patients. I am so deeply appreciative of the way you care for my Mom. It has allowed us to take a deep breath and focus on what’s really important; you have made this process so much easier. It has also served as a reminder for me to take that extra time with my own patients – in the swirl of residency and time-crunched days, I needed that.

Thank you from all of us. We are thankful in a way that we will never be able to fully express.



Dear Dr. Lehfeldt,

Thank you for a wonderful job on my “mini” abdominoplasty. I’m still in a little bit of a shock but I’m sure I’ll be enjoying the “new” me in a few months. Thanks for taking care of me throughout the whole process. You made me feel very comfortable going into surgery. I’d recommend you to all my friends and family!



Dr. Max,

Thank you so very much for taking me as a patient and helping me. I am so glad to have you as my doctor. I thought this card very appropriate for you. Your warm smile and kindness shows through as you help those of us who have gone through breast cancer. I do believe that your reconstructive gift of surgery helps us ladies heal our spirits by looking and feeling better. I have no more pain from the old implants thanks to you. If ever you want me to reassure any of your breast cancer patients, just call and I will help them!



Dear Dr. Lehfeldt,

I write this letter to express my heartfelt thanks for an excellent surgical experience. As you’ll recall, I had reduction surgery June 11th of this year at Huntington Hospital in Pasadena.

It took a lot for me to decide to go through with this procedure. But I remember that after I met you, I knew immediately that I wanted you to be the one to perform it.

You have managed to assemble such a delightful group of people to work with you in your office. It creates such a pleasant atmosphere to visit. So not what I expected from a visit to a plastic surgeon!

Leading up to my surgery, I experienced the typical anxiety of most pre-op patients, but as soon as I walked into that hospital, that anxiety was dispelled. Every staff member I came in contact with – from admissions to the OR staff and the staff in the recovery room were AMAZING. They managed to strike the appropriate balance of professionalism and compassion. And everyone so kindly handled my case with the utmost discretion.

I will forever be grateful to you and your staff in the office and at the hospital for giving me such excellent care. Thank you for making me feel like a billion bucks.

With respect and gratitude,


Dr. Lehfeldt,

We cannot begin to express to you our gratitude for all your wonderful care during all the ups and downs of my treatment this last year. Cancer always alters your life, but in my case your positive excellent caring carried the day and got me “back to normal” so easily and effortlessly on my part.

Thank you. Thank you!

Wishing you all the best of the season and hope you can use the enclosed gift certificate.


Dear Dr. Lehfeldt,

Words can’t even begin to say how grateful I am to you! You went over and beyond and you did such an amazing job! You have given me back a part of myself I wasn’t sure I would ever see again! You are truly a wonderful person, an amazing surgeon, and an angel sent from God!

May your life, family, and business always be blessed!
Thank you,


Dr. Lehfeldt

I cannot begin to describe my gratitude for you and your team. I could not have hoped for a more ideal experience or a better doctor. You have truly changed my life and for that I am truly thankful.


Dr. Lehfeldt,

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all you did for me. It has been just over a year since my surgery and I could not be happier! Not only did you do an amazing job, but the care and time you spent with me with extraordinary. I knew when we met for my consultation and you patiently answered each and every question with patience, knowledge, and kindness that you would be the perfect doctor. And you were. You listened and gave me exactly what I asked for.

I am so happy and feel wonderful. You are an excellent surgeon and I appreciate all you did for me!

Thank you! Hope to see you soon!

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