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How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost?

breastimplantAs the most popular cosmetic surgery in the nation year after year, breast augmentation offers numerous benefits for women who desire fuller, shapelier breasts. Before diving into the details of the procedure, such as breast implant type or size, many patients first like to investigate the costs associated with breast enhancement to help plan and prepare for the operation, as well as, determine if breast surgery can be incorporated into their budget.

Dr. Max Lehfeldt, our experienced plastic surgeon, believes in financial transparency with regard to aesthetic procedures, and he also believes that providing a comprehensive breakdown of fees can help women make better-informed decisions about their treatment. During the initial consultation, the costs for the operating room, anesthesia, surgeon, and implants will be clearly listed and explained. He encourages patients to discuss any questions or concerns during this conversation, including any inquiries about financing options.

Every year the American Society of Plastic Surgeons provides estimates of the average cost of breast augmentation; however, this figure represents the price of surgery alone and not the additional fees associated with the operation. It is important to note, prices can range dramatically depending on the plastic surgeon’s level of expertise, years of experience, educational background, and success rate, as well as other factors such as the practice’s geographic location. Fortunately, at Teleos Plastic Surgery, we offer a wide range of financing options through two reputable healthcare lenders – CareCredit™ and Alphaeon™. These companies offer low monthly payment plans to qualified applicants designed to suit nearly any budget.

For more information about breast augmentation costs and financing options, or if you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Lehfeldt, please contact our office today.