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Smartlipo TriPlex™ Laser Body Sculpting

Are you ready for the new you?

We are proud to offer our patients a revolutionary treatment that literally melts away fat with lasers while you are having liposuction. This IN-OFFICE, minimally invasive treatment is done without the added risks or costs of general anesthesia nor the added costs of the operating room and is now available with Dr. Max!

Smartlipo is brought to you by the industry’s leader of laser-assisted lipolysis; Smartlipo technology is backed by more than 9 years of clinical studies and research. A laser fiber is utilized during the procedure that directs energy to subcutaneous fat cells and destroys them. In addition, the laser energy coagulates blood vessels and results in less bruising. With less bleeding and trauma, there is faster healing!


Smartlipo utilizes three laser wavelengths that also cause tissue tightening via collagen building and collagen retraction. Smartlipo will destroy fat cells while tightening tissues for an amazing, overall improvement in your body shape. With liposuction, you get removal of fat, but with Smartlipo you add skin tightening! This key added benefit allows you to show off a more natural, smoother, and superior aesthetic result!

Smartlipo is ideal for all areas of the body — face & neck (Precision TX), arms, legs, and abdomen. Also ideal for treatment of axillary sweat glands associated with hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating from the arm pits).

Smartlipo is performed in our office under local anesthesia with oral medications. You are comfortable throughout the procedure and are up and around the same day! Most patients have minimal discomfort the next few days. Patients who are off all pain medications may even drive the next day and return to normal activities about two days after their in-office procedure. Each individual is unique so activity and pain level may vary.

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